About The Origin Of The Food Legend

Of all the legends one can talk about, in union with food, Jimmy Rocks stands out as an exceptional personality who has known the culinary trade in and out. Discovering secret recipes from all over the country, he experiments with the new found recipes at his favorite spot- The Kochi Marriott. Conversing about his initial days, he mentions the unique concept behind his name. One day, when his parents were discovering the joy of exploring the coastal regions of Kerala, Jimmy Rocks decided to take a step into the world. He was born on the boat his parents were sailing in, which was called the ‘On the rocks’.

The usual practice of Keralites being named of their house inspired his parents and hence he was named after the boat. He was named Jimmy Rocks. Few years of growing up abroad and then he decided to come back to India and tour the beautiful subcontinent and explore the culinary art here. He tours around India and locations of Pakistan, and goes on an eating rage. If he finds some food exclusive and matchless, he extracts the recipe from the Chefs and flies down to Kochi Marriott to give the recipe a dash of ‘Jimmy style’. One will often find his helmet kept outside the hotel signifying his presence in the restaurant. His visits are ephemeral but his work is absolutely ineffable.

Of all the traveling he did, there are three routes that are unsurpassed and journeys that he will never get over.

1. NH15: Starting off at Samkhilai in Gujarat it has its denouement at Pathankot in Punjab. This expedition got him going to places like Amritsar, Tarn Taran Sahib, Zira, Bhatinda, Ganganagar, Kotkapur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and through Barmer. This route has managed to make him go head over heels for it and had him trying the best of cuisines that he has brought down to Kochi to give it his own version.

2. Grand Trunk Road: One of the oldest routes of Asia, connecting Sonargao, Bangaladesh to Kabul, Afghanistan, it enabled him to taste the flavors of Howrah, Delhi, Amritsar and Lahore.

3. Chittagong- Gujarat: Exploring the coastal belt of India, Jimmy Rocks traveled this route and was again mesmerized by the scrumptious food here.

With an attempt to satisfy his taste buds, Jimmy Rocks continues to meander and explore the culinary art around the country and its neighboring states. Jimmy Rocks, hopes to get the best of Culinary art &contribute it to the world. Jimmy Rocks’ endeavor at giving the world an authentic view of food around the world and have already mastered the art.

Chef Antony of Kochi Marriott, who happens to know Jimmy Rocks the best, says, “Jimmy Rocks travels around the northern and southern region exploring food from across the country. He gets the samples down to Kochi Marriott and we try to inculcate the recipe.” With the new legend in mind, food has never been so much fun to discover.