About Inspired from the famed by-lanes of Amritsar

When you talk about the food of the Punjab, you imagine mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Particularly the city of Amritsar brings the finest of traditional delicacies of street foodthat are lip-smacking.

Keeping in mind of the richness of food and culture of Amritsar; The Pink Poppadum, the modern Indian cuisine restaurant at Hyatt Bangalore MG Road presents you a food festival ‘Ambarsariya’ that will make you indulge in experiencing the best and exquisite dishes of Amritsari cuisine.

What makes the ‘Ambarsariya’ food festival a delightful journey is the special ambience and a well articulated menu, along with it is the blinding created by Executive Chef-Manish Sharma, who unravels the authentic flavours of the food by inculcating local spices and recipes that are sublime to taste.

You can start your food travel at the festival with Chowk di tikki, Amritsarimachi, KoftaAmritsari, Sattpura, Langarwali dal, Lawrence road di pittiwalipoori, Meat walapulao and the all time favorite ‘Tandoori Murgh’and many more dishes to choose from. You can end your meal on a decadent note with desserts likeChakundarihalwa, Kesarphirni, Makhane de kheer and more. You can also pair your food with remarkable spirits available at The Pink Poppadum.