About Chef Rounak talks about a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy day begins with a fulfilling morning meal. When this goes amiss, your hunger is not satiated, and followed by overindulgence in the wrong food. A healthy breakfast sets the perfect mood for the day – to be productive in everything you do.Breakfast food differs from country to country, and region to region. In India, breakfast is a distinctive cuisine in itself considering the vastness and diversity of this land. There are many restaurants that thrive only on the business of selling breakfast.

As we speak to Chef Rounak, the vibrant Chef De Cuisine at the Shangri – La Hotel, on how important is the first meal of the day, he recalls some of his earliest memories “My memories of breakfast take me to my school days when we had ‘Idliwalas’ aka ‘tambi’ coming home and blowing their signature horn. They always were on time and served piping hot fresh idlis with chutney. Also the Sindhi camp in Chembur, Mumbai had stalls selling Sindhi breakfast consisting of dal pakwan, dal pav and cholepattice. This became a trend in our house, every Sunday the breakfast would be bought from these places and we all relished a royal breakfast at ease including my mother who never cooked anything that day. My father and I would take charge of the kitchen and end up making our favourite Sindhi kadhiandalootuk”.

He adds “In recent times, we are competing against time to reach our workplaces and start our day to achieve our targets and live the typical rat race. What we in turn forget is that our body needs to be fuelled every morning before we start work. You need to have a balanced diet for breakfast consisting of good carbs and fibre with some proteins”.

He takes us through the healthiest choices for breakfast he works on at the B Café. Here’s a list of his ideal choices for a complete nutritious breakfast experience -

Organic Smoothies:

Smoothies are loaded with calcium and boast plenty of proteins. These are the easiest to make. Blend some rolled oats and milk to form a creamy mixture. Flavours can be added to enhance the fibers and natural sugars. Fresh fruits topped over the smoothie are the best bet, and you may also take away some for your mid-morning snack.

The Veggies & Fruits – The way it’s to be eaten:

The green veggies and fruits are one of your best picks for a wholesome breakfast any day. This is the also an easy and quick make while you run hectic schedules. Inspired by the fresh vegetables, and fruits, they’ve set up the Stay Fit Station that has various healthy choices to consider. He exclaims, “The salad greens are with a variety of zero fat dressings. The healthier dressings take care of the calorie count. The juices are freshly squeezed at the restaurant to prevent oxidation and loss of nutrients, making them a rich source of vitamins A and C, along with other dietary fibers. The stay fit station is carefully designed with each ingredient in the energizer drink playing a vital role in your fitness plan. A variety of breakfast energies, wheatgrass shooters and power drinks are the highlights in this section.

Gluten free & Carb free:

Nowadays many people have completely abandoned the 'carb diet' and have chosen to be lead a carbfree lifestyle. Many options are available for a gluten free diet that includes rye-based cereals to shortbread and muffins.Dishes like the breakfast burrito (scrambled egg, beans and salsa wrapped in whole-wheat bread), whole grain and avocado toast with egg, peanut butter banana smoothie, fruit and yoghurt parfaits, quinoa quiche and the granola are highlighted to make your breakfast experience as grand as the place where you have it.

Fruit Power:

If you’re on a weight loss spree, you should consider the mighty grapefruit. It is said that grapefruit helps you to lose fat faster; half a grapefruit should be eaten for breakfast that helps in burning fat rapidly. Bananas are a good source of starch, which is a healthy carbohydrate. Watermelon is a great way to hydrate the body; it is best known for lycopene, which is necessary for eyes, heart and cancer prevention. A quarter of cantaloupe melon should contain just 50 calories and 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin A, helps preventing from ageing the skin. Orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, and nowadays also comes with fortified vitamin D.

Indian breakfast trends:

When it comes to Indian breakfast, we like to stick with alooparantha, idlisambhar or masala dosa. But many of you are unaware of the fact that Indian breakfast has always been carrying a healthy quotient when it comes to nutrition. Prior to considering western healthier options for breakfast, there’s a whole lot to explore in the Indian breakfast scene. A steaming bowl of sambhar is full of proteins with lentils and tomatoes with spices. Steaming is the best method considered when it comes to cooking healthy. We steam our idlis, dhoklas, sanas and many more breakfast items.

  • Idlis - Exploring the mighty dish called Idli itself gives us so many options that we could have ever imagined. From our regular rice idlis to kotteidli (idli steamed in jackfruit leaves) from Mangalore to Ragiidli, this little form of steamed breakfast fills every gap and can beat any healthy breakfast dish regarding taste and nutrition. Oats idli, spinach idli, multigrain idli and soojiidli are some of the newer versions of this dish.

  • Upma - Rawaupma, daliyaupma and semiyaupma, these are the flavouredwhole wheat porridges full of fibre.

  • Dosa - Poha, masala dosa, ragidosa, multigraindosa are other variations for our breakfast.

With as many varieties for a great start for the day, it’s a matter of making a healthy choice to keep you productive, energetic, and positive throughout the day!