About How Fancy is it being a ' Mrs. Chef’?

Wow! , you are so lucky to be "Married to a Chef"! Does he cook for you at home? These are the first reactions of anyone who gets to know I'm married to a chef. Well, after the television, print & digital media have done their every bit to make the life of Chef as glamorous as it can be, it leaves more of the fancy impact on people to assume your life can be as ostentatious. Truth be told, I am lucky, but not for the reason you are thinking. So, let's talk about how really 'fancy' is being the 'Mrs. Chef'; here are a few facts that many chef-wives & ones dating chefs would agree with

 You are the Chef back home: 

It's indeed good not to carry your work home, and yes, chefs apply this rule like most other professionals would do. With close to 18 hours of work schedule each day & 23 days in a month, your Mr. Chef would definitely not return home to cook. You do the meal – planning & preparing. It's a home kitchen with no pressure to perfect your meals, dice the vegetables exactly the right inches or adhering criterion. Yes, the days when they are willing to be at home to cook for you, it's always a perfect meal – the food & the way it's presented.

 You know more about the kitchens & the food than you ever thought you'd know: 

Being married to a person who is more in demand by a 100 others means you are always the 2nd wife. Your Mr. Chef's first wife is his hotel kitchen. His daily priorities are set right - his boys and girls at work, if the store comes in time, is the kitchen set, the house count, the perfectly plated sumptuous food that goes out to the numerous guests, the number of guests for breakfast, lunch & dinner, resolving any guest conflicts,and the list goes on. 

 You learn to be more independent: 

 With Mr. Chef's long working hours, you eventually tend to accommodate your schedule around it. From shopping groceries to meal planning to attending events/gatherings by yourself most times to planning your week for your kid, you're almost independent in streamlining and executing these. When he is on a day off, which depends on the busyness of the hotel, he has to choose between spending time with his family at home or worry if everything is going perfectly alright at the hotel.

 You ring in the New Year's on January 2nd: 

 Every hotel's busiest night is the New Year's Eve when the whole world is celebrating to bring in the new year with their folks. Your Mr. Chef is on the other side along with other hotelier folks who make these celebrations a memorable one. It's work for them. So you being a Mrs. Chef, would get used to ring in the New Year's on January 2nd& many such holidays would be on a different date. 

 The best bit about being Mrs. Chef:

Being a Mrs. Chef definitely has a lot of positives to it apart from the love for your spouse. Anything that the chef cooks turns out perfect the first time around. When you want to understand anything on a recipe or any dish, you are just a phone call away from the best of the responses. You're many a times left amazed at the creativity when he serves up a great dish out of ingredients you thought were going to be a waste. You get treated like royalty whenever you go to the hotel he is in, you get a choice of the best food money can buy customized to your preferred taste, and you get to see new places as Chefs move from city to city every couple of year.

The next time you have a guest at home, and appreciate your food, you can do with a white lie that it was Mr. Chef who dished it up to make your guest feel honoured! This article features Joanne Chennam, wife of Chef Pavan Kumar Chennam (Executive Chef, Courtyard by Marriott & Fairfield by Marriott), and her journey as Mrs. Chef.