About What does it take to aim for the Michelin Stars?

Craftsmanship, style of presentation and consistency in producing top-notch quality dishes by the chefs are the significant factors that determine the prestigious laurel for the restaurant-The Michelin Star. It is one of the esteemed accolades that every chef would have dreamt of. Although, it is provided to the restaurant and not to the chef; it is clearly his artistry and excellence that wins the heart of the reviewer.

Michelin, yes the tyre manufacturing company awards the stars to the restaurants. Michelin has a very long history in awarding the stars to the restaurant. Way back in 1900, Michelin started a travel guide for French tourists. The guide consisted of useful information on list of hotels, petrol stations, car mechanics and maps. It was only in 1926, Michelin started to award restaurants stars based on the reviews generated by the anonymous inspectors or reviewers.

Michelin awards one, two and three stars for the restaurants based on the reviews. One Star: Indicates a very good restaurant in its category. A good place to stop on your journey, offers high quality cuisine. Two Stars: Indicates top-notch quality, cuisine excellence, stylish dishes and worth the detour. Three Stars: Indicates exceptional quality cuisine, a momentous place to dine, dishes crafted with finesse and subtlety. Outstanding and unique restaurant worth a special journey.

What it takes to be Michelin starred chef?

From a beginner to a Michelin starred chef you cannot hack the ladder. It's your passion, professionalism and persistence that drive you to achieve. You have to start from scratch. Take a course at a reputed culinary school, learn the fundamentals, and get your first job in the kitchen. Work hard and consistently produce results so that the chef can take you as an apprentice. Learn; whatever you have to learn from your mentor. Work in different restaurants under numerous chefs and capture those experiences with intensity. After gaining the knowledge, skills and having those experiences under your belt, you can now become a chef in any reputed restaurant. It's once again your turn to learn from the sous chef. The next step is to become the sous chef in a few years. Now, it's up to you; like how you are going to take the restaurant to new heights and bring in the laurel Michelin star.

It is your mastery and creativity; blended with sublime quality and mind blowing consistency that will help you earn that prestigious accolade. Inspectors are anonymous visitors to your restaurants; it is your duty to provide a flawless experience to them in their every visit. They also look for the freshness and variety of ingredients used to prepare and present the dish.

The First thing is that your restaurant should be located in the region covered by the Michelin. Your food should speak on itself. The buzz around the area with the locals and reviews generated by the visitors to your restaurant; posts about your dishes among food bloggers and food writers will give you an unprecedented advantage over other restaurants. You have put your hard work; you have created that scintillating atmosphere in your area. Now, it's the turn of the inspectors who would visit your restaurant regularly to experience the finest cuisine, unparalleled dishes and exceptional ingredients.

It took you years of experience, mastery in your craft and unshakable dedication. That's the price of ambition for the most coveted award any Chef can receive-The Michelin Star.