Chef At’sushi’ Yonaha , who carries his favorite dish in his name and loves to cook Japanese cuisine, is the man behind Yataii, Shangri-la and promises to explore the culinary world in his journey.

Of all the beautiful forms of Arts, cooking is a stand out. A form that is worshipped by many and wanted to be learned by many still remains the most ‘required’ form of art that needs to exist for our survival. And like all other form, a new dimension is discovered in this form, every day. Not many have the courage to take up their love for cooking to a serious level. But as time changed, people’s perception about the profession changed and now more and more people are opting for this corpulent job.

No matter how many people enter the profession, there has to be a set of A-listers or the top-notch Chefs ruling the industry. One such Chef, who is well recognized in the industry, is Chef Atsushi Yonaha. With the most charming smile and his first-rate culinary skills, he has become the favorites of many. Mastering in Japanese cuisines, he heads the kitchen at Yataii, Shangri – La, Bengluru. Visited by expats and the localities, the Chef sees a lot of people who are all praises for his cooking skills.

Talking about the important epoch of his life that he spent to progress in the food industry, we learnt he always desired to be a chef. He started his career at 18 in Nishitestu Grand, Japan where he worked for a whole of a decade. Further to that, he worked at one of the Ritz Carltons in Japan. Having had some good experience, he moved to Dubai where he worked for two years and finally decided to move to India. When the calling came, it was none other than Yattai. He has been heading the incredible kitchen at Yataii, Shangri La, Bengaluru for over a year since its inception.

Setting up Yataii has been a wonderful & cherishable experience for Chef Yonaha. They’ve curated the best of the Japanese menus to please the Indian palate. It’s not just introducing fine Japanese food that has made his stay great here, but his love for the subcontinent itself. He thoroughly enjoys the company of his colleagues & friends here, and thinks of people here as ‘extremely warm & cordial’. His favourite Indian dish is none other than the star ‘biryani’ , and the affable chef has mastered the art of making some scrumptious Indian chaat& amazes his guests with his inventive ‘sushi puri’.

Having been a Chef for 13 years, he talks about the Yataii journey. Translating to ‘Street food’, which happens to be very popular in Japan, Yataii serves all kinds of food for the surprise of the happiness. In fact, Yataii, happens to be one of the very few hotels that serve 50 vegetarian dishes out of 140 dishes considering the Indian palate. The team has plans of adding 20 more dishes to the menu designed by Chef Yonaha himself. With the specialty of live cooking and live bar, Yataii has seen many customers wanting to come back and get more of this Ambrosia. He’s also been instrumental in setting up the Yataii Cooking Academy that creates memorable culinary experiences for its guests. They take them through cooking classes, an elaborate meal, and other guest engagement activities.

Being one of the very few Chefs possessing a Fugu license, he explains how even a minor mistake can cause a lot of spurious outcomes. He explains how Fugu fish is like a party drug. It causes temporary paralysis with each bite, but comes at a very high price. He happens to be one of very few Japanese Chefs, in India to possess a Fugu license. He was trained for three years prior to obtaining this license.

Talking about the significance of Japanese Cuisine, he talks about how it is one of the most popular cuisines around the globe. Japanese cuisine, just like other forms has its own verities. From Tokyo style, to Shikoku style, there is a huge variety in the options of Japanese food. He explains how Japan, unlike how people usually assume, also has spices to enrich the taste of its food. Sichimi or the seven spices and ichimi or the single spice usually plays a tough competition with Indian spice. He also uses the lemon imported from Japan for authenticity. In fact all the ingredients used in the making of his legendry dishes are imported from Japan.


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