Having had the flair for being a chef since his childhood, Chef Giuseppe Lioce pursued his love for culinary, travelled the lands, and is now heading the Italian kitchen of Bene, Sheraton Grand, Bangalore. We call him the People’s Chef.

The art of cooking is something that needs to be inculcated. Nobody is born an amazing Chef. They become stars after experiencing hurdles, challenges, maybe failure and this certainly demands in investing all your time. Hailing from South Italy, Chef Giuseppe Lioce was clear about his goals at the age of ten. While kids his age were aspiring to become astronauts and cops, he would proudly talk about wanting to become a Chef. Highly inspired by his grandmother and mother, he got into cooking at a very young age. His uncle who worked at a restaurant would give him chores at home in the kitchen and Chef Lioce would happily do it. He grew up pursuing his love for cooking great meals.

Now the 33 - year old charismatic Italian Chef heads the kitchen at Bene, The Sheraton Grand, Bangalore. His journey has been as colorful as ever. He started cooking at the age of 13 while he was pursuing his training in a culinary academy in Italy. After about 5 years, his hard work paid off and he started his career as a Chef. At 18 he moved to England. He worked in London for a year before moving to Norway to work at a French restaurant run by Richard Branson. He had his share of experience working with people from different countries who helped him with the Italian, French and German cuisines. At the age of 23 he moved to Spain. After working there for three years, he moved close to Barcelona and then to Melbourne for the next three years where he worked at an Italian restaurant.

Finally, he moved to Pune, India and felt like he entered an entirely different world. The culinary industry in India had a completely different story to tell him. In 2015 is when he moved to his current home Bangalore. Thus, is journey with Benebegan. Impressed with the subcontinent’s hospitality and determination to learn, he kick started his work at Bene. Bene is a traditional Italian cuisine restaurant with a touch of modernity and the Chef’s own style. Chef Lioce believes that Bene is his home and he must personally welcome all the guests; hence, the name ‘People’s Chef’. Authentic Italian & great dining experience are two words one will have to remember before entering Bene.

His love for cooking reflects not only on the platter & the gratitude guests have for him, but also in the process of making the experience a memorable one. He meticulously chooses his ingredients & their sources to ensure the authenticity of any dish created.He’s got his own beautiful garden at Bene where there are fresh micrgreens& veggies. Craving for Basil Pesto? The basil will be freshly plucked from the garden itself! They produce their own sundried tomatoes and other vegetables. To bring in the healthy authenticity of South Italy, he gets his Extra Virgin Oil, Parmesan Cheese and other products imported from Italy. But talking of spice, he absolutely loves the verity of spices in India and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for it. He believes in giving the best of quality and hence gets a lot of products delivered from around the world. Say, the salmon fish, it arrives at his doorstep every Thursday freshly from Norway.

His new concept they’ve introduced- The Aperitivo, happens every Saturday, where he serves liquor and complimentary appetizers for his guests. He believes that it is a gesture of welcoming them to his ‘home.’ This he mentions is also an ideal time that brings together people from different parts of the world together to socialize. His yet another innovative dining concept, ‘The Grandmother’s table’ where unrelated guests will sit together and socialize while Chef Lioce surprises them with his blind menu is on the cards. He is open for variation and experimentation. When he has Indian guests who wish to Indianize the dish, he spills happiness on their wishes by adding some Indian-ism to the dish. It could be the spice, the herbs or the flavors.

He believes that the key to success is to keep your guests happy. From connecting to people to delighting their taste buds, Chef Giuseppe Lioce believes there’s more to learn.


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